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OVASA Code of Ethics

Each litter is conscientiously planned, based on parents of appropriate temperament, appearance, and other qualities in relation to the official standard and description of the breed adopted by the Canadian Kennel Club. Before deciding to produce a litter, the breeder shall consider the possibilities of proper placement of the puppies that he/she cannot keep him/herself. All breeding stock should be of sound body and temperament.


Breeding stock shall be kept under sanitary conditions and given maximum health protection through worming, vaccination, and close contact with veterinary medicine. Only mature bitches over the age of 18 months are used for breeding.


All setters sold are registered with CKC and/or AKC and/or the American Field Dog Stud Book. All puppies or dogs designated, as pet quality shall be sold with non-breeding contracts. The breeder shall provide a 3 or 4-generation pedigree and registration papers with each dog sold. All transactions will be covered with written, signed agreements.


Members of the OVASA will not sell or consign puppies of adult dogs to pet shops or to commercial dealers. Breeders will only sell to individuals who are in accord with this Code of Ethics. All stock leaving the breeders possession should be at least 7 weeks of age and permanently identified with tattoo or microchip. The breeder provides the buyer with written details on feeding and general care, data worming and vaccination information and guarantees health puppies at the time of sale.


All advertising must be factual. Advertising must not offer setters as moneymaking schemes. The breeder will not supply dogs for raffles, giveaways, or other similar projects.

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